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Internbanken Södertörn


Internbanken is a virtual organisation supported by an agreement to share costs to the benefit of better know-how and economies of scale when negotiating debt solutions as well as less dependency on key personel.

The organisation


All transactions are conducted on behalf of one if the partcipating municiplity's. When dealing with Internbanken Södertörn you either have Hudding Kommun, Botkyrka Kommun or Södertälje Kommun as the counterparty in the transaction. Regardsless of where the dealer is employed he/she act in all three municipality's with a power of attorney. Most of the time we are located in the Town Hall of Södertälje but we are often seen in the Town Hall in Huddinge and Tumba as well.



Already back in the 1960s collaboration started via the jointly owned Syvab which is a wastewater treatment plant (other owners in Syvab is Nykvarn, Salem and Stockholms Stad). In 2010 the enhanced facilities at Söderenergi power plant went into production and deeper ties was formed between Huddinge, Botkyrka and Södertälje (who jointly owns Söderenergi). The borrowings in the market for this investment was the precursor for the establishment of the Internbanken venture.

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